Free Spider Solitaire and tips: versions with 1, 2 and 4 suits (respectively: easy, intermediate and hard)

See how to play the Spider Solitaire game above below! Also check our tips on how to win a game with fewer moves!

To win Spider Solitaire isn’t a very easy task itself for many people, but to advanced players, only winning isn’t challenging enough, the thing is to win with as few moves as they can.

To those players who are still not familiar with this challenging version of the game, the best option is to start on the one suit version and ignore the chronometre, timer, score or number of moves. The ideal is to boost your confidence and win constantly on the simpler versions to, then, start worrying about the points, the time and the moves.

If you are well trained and looking for an even more challenging version of Spider Solitaire, here we give you some tips to reduce the amount of moves you need to make to win the game:

Shuffling Cards

Shuffling Cards

Tip number 1: Plan your moves far ahead, just like the masters of chess think many rounds ahead, it’s the same principle here. Try to anticipate and build possible alternatives to the cards that might be revealed. If the version you are playing has the option “Hint”, use it to see which moves you have available and plan your moves in a way that you make various same suit columns and, at the same time, reveal new cards that are facing down on your table.

Tip number 2: Always try to build your sequences using the same suit, because when the sequence is organised by number and suit you can move the entire group of cards as a whole in only one move.

Tip number 3: Create same suit sequences on columns where you have no other same suit sequence, so that you won’t have to break any other one of your sequences by locking them under another sequence of a different suit. That way, you will always be able to move your ‘organised’ sequences freely and that will save you some moves as well.

Tip number 4: Try to remove all the cards from one column to give you more mobility in the game. Always try remove from the game or move to another column all the cards on any of the first six columns to the right, because they have fewer cards than the left columns. By “cleaning” the six first columns you will reveal all the cards that are facing down on that column, but also win extra space to move your cards around.

Tip number 5: If the version you are playing has the option “Undo” for your last move, pay attention to it, and even avoid it. That is because in many versions the “reverting” of your last move is considered and counted as a move, so that will raise your number of moves by a lot if you don’t pay attention to it!

Hope these tips will help you all win more at your Spider Solitaire Games with fewer moves! Have fun!

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