Free Spider Solitaire – 2 Suits and Tips

Play here this Free Spider Solitaire and check out our tips

Tips to improve your game

Tip number 1: Master the easier levels first

First, try to improve your game by playing the easiest level of Spider Solitaire, which is the version with only one suit. When you are more familiarised with the one suit version, move on to the intermediate level (with two suits), and only after you master the intermediate level you can start playing the hardest level, the classic version of the game with all the four suits.

Tip number 2: Ignore the score

Many versions of Spider Solitaire come with a points system that usually counts the movements that you make and calculates your score. Since the game itself requires a lot of practice and logic (and also a bit of luck!), only the experienced players that have already won several Spider Solitaire games should worry about minimising the amount of movements or even about the time. It is a hard task, but if you are a great player, go ahead! To those players that are still practicing to improve their games, the best thing to do is to only focus in winning the game, regardless of how long it takes or how much you move your cards on your way to winning!

Tip number 3: Undo your moves and don’t you worry about a thing!

 spider web

In versions of the game where you have the option to undo your last move, make sure you abuse of this option! In most versions of this game where you do have the option to ‘revert’ your moves, if there is no button for it on your game table, the shortcut to undo your last move is usually “CTRL+Z” (especially on the Windows‘ version of the game).

Tip number 4: Rethink the obvious!

Many times, a movement that might seem obvious to you might not be the best for your game. Let’s say for example that in your table you have a 9 of Hearts, an 8 of Hearts and an 8 of Spades. The most obvious move would be to move the 8 of Hearts over the 9 of hearts to start a suit sequence, but this movement might not be the best if, let’s say, the 8 of Spades is the last revealed card on a column and moving it would mean to reveal a new card that might be great and might change your game. Moving the 8 of Spades over the 9 of Hearts would be breaking a sequence, but you should always at least consider the option and make your decisions paying attention to the entire table.

Tip number 5:   Try to have one (or more) “waste” columns.

Some times you will have to move your cards in order to reveal the cards that are under them, even if those movements cause you to lock some columns. Choose a column or two to use as your waste column (a hopeless column you don’t think you will be able to solve anytime soon). This strategy of always having a “waste” column can be an excellent strategy in all free Spider Solitaire online games!

Tip number 6: Use and abuse of the mobility of the empty columns!

Once you have an empty column, don’t rush to move a permanent card (like a King) onto it. To have an empty column (or two, or even three!) gives you extreme mobility and flexibility and allows you to move your cards and organise your columns in the best way for your game. Use these empty columns to organise sequences of the same suit, don’t waste them!

Tip number 7: Break up your sequences!

spider on cobweb

Let’s say that you have this beautiful same suit sequence starting with a 9 of Spades all the way to the 2 of Spades. However, you also have an Ace of Hearts that you have to get out of the way. Instead of moving the Ace of Hearts over your entire sequence and ruining it by locking it up with a card of another suit, you can also break up your sequence by moving part of it to another column and then moving the Ace of Hearts to it. For example, you can move your 3 and 2 of Spades to any available 4 on the table and then move your Ace of Hearts over your 2 of Spades. This way, your sequence gets smaller but you are still able to move a part of it. This is a good option to consider when moving your columns.

Tip number 8: Always ask yourself “What did I gain with that?”

You just made a move. Right after finishing the move, analyse if you are in a better position than before or not. If the answer is a clear “no”, than you should use the “undo” option to undo your last move and chose a better one, if this option is available. If you are not sure your move was the best one, analyse the situation and try another one; if it doesn’t work, undo it and find the best option.

Tip number 9: Practice makes perfect

Now, with all the tips and strategies here on, don’t forget to use them! They won’t do anything for you if you don’t practice all the tips and strategies and if you don’t play over and over again. Have fun!

Click here to play Spider Solitaire 1,2 or 4 suits


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