Play Spider Solitaire – Easy: 1 Suit

Check out how to play this Solitaire Spider game and also see its interesting history!

 See below how to play Solitaire Spider and this specific game!


– Press start to begin playing this one suit version.

– Move the cards toward building sequences from King to Ace.

– Click on the cards on the inferior part of the table to deal 10 more cards (use it when you are ‘stuck’ or when you want more cards to play). But attention! You cannot deal any of this ‘extra cards’ if any of your columns are empty (with no cards on them).

– If you want to remove the sound of the game, click on the sound button next to the cards on the inferior part of the table.

– The box “Score” shows how many points you’ve already scored on the game.

Red Spider

– The button “Give Up” is to leave the current game and start a new one.

– By pressing “Give Up” and then “Yes” you’re confirming your desire to give up the game. Pressing “Give Up” and then “No” you will be taken back to your current game.

– After pressing “Give Up” > “Yes”, you must press “Play Again” to start a new game of this challenging Solitaire!

Good luck and have an excellent game! (Tips and strategy to win just below)

History and Origin of the game:

Although this game isn’t as old as the other versions of Solitaire, Spider Solitaire has a very interesting history. Starting with the name, you must be wondering ‘Why Spider? What’s the reason behind this name?’ Don’t worry; you are not the first or the only one to question the origins of Spider Solitaire’s name.

It is believed that the name of the game comes from the goal of the game of making 8 sequences of the same suit (when the game is played on its hardest version with two pack of cards using all the suits) that resembles the eight ‘legs’ of a spider.

Spider from Spider Solitaire

There is also a possibility of Spider Solitaire being named Spider because of its similarities with another version of Solitaire called Scorpion. It’s believed that both versions appeared around the same time, the first registers of these versions being on the 1949 book “The Complete Book of Solitaire and Patience Games”.

Another forms of Solitaire registered in this book are Spiderette and Will O’ The Whisp. These two variations of Spider are similar to the original with four suits, though the game play along with some basic rules are different.

When the classic version of this game was initially introduced, the main goal of the game was to form 8 columns of 13 cards each in sequence (from King to Ace). There are still many people who like to play it this way, though to make 8 columns of 13 cards each is a very difficult goal to accomplish. And it was thinking about improving the chances of winning that the more simplistic versions started to appear.

In simpler versions of the game, the chances of winning are greater since on these variations of the “spider game” you play with only one or two suits at once. These simple changes on the way you play increase the probabilities of forming the 8 columns and make the game a lot more fun (and easy) to play (for some players).

Four Suits of The Game

It’s worth mentioning that after these different versions of Spider Solitaire that use only one or two suits appeared, many other versions of the game also came up and became popular among the players and lovers of Spider Solitaire around the world.

Despite all this other variants of Spider Solitaire out there, the most traditional ones are still the most popular ones. We believe that the reason why this game is so addicting and popular all over the world its exactly because of the difficulty, the complexity of the logic that you have to use to win and the challenges that every new round brings to the players.

Click here to play Spider Solitaire 2 Suits


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