Spider Solitaire Card Game – 1, 2 and 4 suits: Instructions

Instructions to play this version of Spider Solitaire:

– If you want to turn off the sound effects of the game, click on the sound box on the bottom left corner of your screen.

1 – Press “New Game”

2 – Choose the difficulty level: 1 Suit for Easy, 2 Suits for intermediate and 4 Suits for hard.

3 – After choosing the level of difficulty and how many suits will be used on your game, the cards will be laid and the game will begin.

4 – BE CAREFUL when you press “Menu” because it will take you back to the main screen and you will lose your game, so be careful no mistakenly press it in the middle of your game.

5 – Pressing “Hint” will show you tips for your next moves.

Pile of Black Cards

6 – Pressing “Undo” will revert your last move, so that’s an excellent tool to be used during the entire game, especially when you make a mistake. Another way to use this button is to take a peek at the cards that are still facing down on your table when you have two or more options of movement and you are not sure which one will reveal the best card for your game. So you make the two (or more) moves, see the two (or more) cards that will be revealed at each move, revert the move that you see as the worse possibility and you can be left with the best revealed card of that situation. What is really great about this version of Spider Solitaire is that the “Undo” button doesn’t count as a move, so you can use it all you want and don’t have to worry about your move count in the end of the game!

7 – The chronometre on the upper left corner of the game screen shows for how long you have being playing that game. That’s very useful for those players (including me) that want to win the game in the shortest possible time. If you keep track of your games this chronometer can be very useful as reference to give you the average time you take to win your rounds, and see if your game is improving or not.

8 – On the upper right corner of your game screen you will find your move counter. This counter shows how many movements you have made on that game. Just like the chronometer, it is very useful for those players who like to keep track of their games, since it allows you to know how many moves it took to win the game. The less moves it takes you to win, the better you are playing. If you are still a beginner player at Spider Solitaire, don’t worry too much about this counter, worry about winning the game. Once you start to win more games, you can start to analyze your games and compare the number of movements you make on each round you win.

Big Ace of Spades

This game features some options to the user. They are:

– The button “Sound Off” that enables all the sound effects and music on the game, which is very recommended if you play at work.

– The button “Resign” that makes you “give up” the game and must be used carefully, because if you press it accidentally your game will be considered “given up”. To really give up, if you want to, you must confirm it by pressing “Yes”. If you have given up, you can play again by pressing “Play Again” on the inferior right corner of your screen and another game

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